Our special service

Professional Consulting

1. We will provide consultation for your best choice. However, please note that we do not inform our customers individually about new property information before listing it on our website. 2. We can introduce you to some solicitors/attorneys who conduct business in English. 3. We will introduce fire insurance if you have a Japanese speaking […]

Housing Maintenance

Our staff provide free consultation and quotations on renovation construction. In some cases, special skills and/or licenses are required for construction involving plumbing, gas, electricity, etc. If/when such situations arise, we will recommend/introduce service providers or specialists.

Vacant Home Management

〈Service Menu〉 1. Key Storage Keys will be kept in a key box with passcodes, near the entrance of the house. 2. Emergency Response We will respond to calls and take proper action in case of emergency. (This service is available during business hours. The costs and expenses required for emergency services are charged to the […]

Rental Home Management

1. Rental consultation For efficient operation of your property, our staff will provide consultation regarding property rental, free of charge. 2. Rental agency service We will introduce and show your properties to prospective tenants. We also evaluate tenants, help you prepare contract documents in Japanese, as well as explain important issues to tenants in advance, […]