Vacant Home Management

〈Service Menu〉
1. Key Storage Keys will be kept in a key box with passcodes, near the entrance of the house.
2. Emergency Response We will respond to calls and take proper action in case of emergency. (This service is available during business hours. The costs and expenses required for emergency services are charged to the owner.)
3. Monthly Inspection and Cleaning Our staff will visit your house monthly and collect mail, check water faucets, ventilate rooms, clean rooms with a vacuum cleaner, sweep the entrance, and submit report.
The maintenance Fee is 120,000 JPY+ consumption tax (annual fee). Houses not renovated by Natural Energy Solution are not covered. We ask owners to pay a security deposit of 50,000 JPY in addition to the maintenance fee.
If you do not wish to continue the service automatically, please let us know one month in advance.