Rental Home Management

1. Rental consultation For efficient operation of your property, our staff will provide consultation regarding property rental, free of charge.
2. Rental agency service We will introduce and show your properties to prospective tenants. We also evaluate tenants, help you prepare contract documents in Japanese, as well as explain important issues to tenants in advance, before contract conclusion.
3. Rent collection We will collect rent on your behalf from tenants monthly, and wire/transfer the proceeds to your bank account after deduction of our fees. Under our management service, all tenants are required to make a guarantee contract with Nihon Safety (
4. Emergency response In the event of emergency or an incident affecting your property or tenants, we respond to calls and take appropriate initial actions. If the need for construction requiring special skills and/or licenses arise, we will introduce you to service providers. This service is available during our business hours.
5. Procedure for vacating We will communicate and discuss with tenants on your behalf, upon vacating, regulations regarding restoring the property to its original state etc. After the tenants have vacated, we will then visit your property to confirm the state and situation.
NOTE: Tenants should be individuals.
NOTE: Rental term is 1 year or longer.
NOTE: The Owner must have a bank account in Japan.
You can choose one of the following two types of rental contracts:
1. Normal rental contract
Owner cannot refuse contract renewal without justifiable reason. Both parties may request rent change at any time, but the request is not always accepted.
2. Fixed-term rental contract
Contract is not renewed at the end of the term. Another contract may be made and concluded upon agreement of both parties. Procedures for altering the rent is stipulated in the contract.
Agent commission: half a month’s rent + consumption tax / rental contract
Management registration fee: 80,000 JPY + consumption tax
Management fee: 120,000 JPY + consumption tax / year
Other actual fees incurred are the responsibility of the customer. They will be deducted from the collected rent.