Purchasing Process

NES answers inquiries within 5 business days.
NOTE: We ask you to make initial contact no later than 1 week before the day you wish to visit. Please note that we do not provide compensation for any cost that may be incurred during the buying process, including airfare.
〈Property Viewing〉
We explain not only the propery’s history, features, and surrounding environment, but alsothe condition of the property, such as any signs of damage, roof leaks, leaning or tilts.
Once you have decided to purchase a property after viewing, the next step is to submit a “Letter of Intent (LOI)” by email. LOI is a non-binding letter that expresses your interest in purchasing. Once the LOI is accepted by NES, you will be able to enter into an exclusive negotiation, but only for the duration in which the letter is valid. However, we will reserve the right to decline the LOI or break off the negotiation if an agreement cannot be reached regarding any of the conditions proposed by either party.
NOTE: We do not accept a purchase application without viewing the property.
〈Contract Conclusion〉
A passport is required as aform of identification
When both parties reach an agreement to make a contract, we will prepare all the contract documents written in Japanese and send them to you so that you can review the contract conditions in advance.
Please come to our office to sign the sale and purchase contract. We will explain the terms and conditions of the contract in Japanese prior to signing.
The procedure is in accordance to limitation of Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act.
Upon making a sale and purchase contract, we request all clients to make a contract deposit up front to indicate their intent and willingness to execute the agreements laid out by the seller. This deposit is a portion of the overall payment for the property, and will also act as a guarantee deposit for penalties that may be incurred. The payment should be made via bank transfer or through an escrow service in Japanese YEN by the morning of the contract-signing date.
We will ask you to pay a stamp duty.
NOTE: Natural Energy Solution as Seller (No agent commission required)
If title holder is an individual, the necessary items for a closing meeting are a passport for I.D., and an affidavit for Proof of residence, or an equivalent certificate. It is preferred you have a certificate signed by your embassy or consulate.
If the title holder is a company, the necessary items for a closing meeting are a passport for I.D. and a certified copy of corporate registration, or an equivalent certificate.
Upon closing the transaction, we request payment of the remaining balance. Buyers living outside of Japan are not eligible for a loan. The payment must be made by lump sum via bank transfer or through an escrow service in Japanese YEN by the morning of the closing date.
At this time, we also ask for payment of the settlement money for the Fixed Asset Tax.
At the meeting, we will begin by confirming your payment and issuing a receipt, followed by the transfer of property title and handing over of keys.
The solicitor/attorney will register the title transfer at the Legal Affairs Bureau immediately after this meeting.
〈After Sales〉
Immediately after closing meeting, we will help you go through the necessary procedures regarding utilities. Basically, all utilities can be paid for via credit card. If you have a Japanese bank account, you may be able to choose payment by electronic withdrawal also. Cash payments are possible, but depend on the management society or self-governing body.
When you purchase a house from us, you will receive a one-year free membership of our “Housing Maintenance Service”.
For those who have purchased a house from us to be used as a vacation home, we offer “Vacation Home Maintenance Service” to help with maintenance while vacant (for a fee). We will provide services such as key storage, emergency response, monthly cleaning and ventilation of the rooms.
A non-resident property owner generally needs an attorney resident in Japan to take out fire insurance. Otherwise, we can introduce you to a foreign-based insurance company who provides fire insurance to non-residents. Please feel free to ask us.