20,000,000 JPY

(Approx 172,387 USD)

5897-1 Tochihara ,Togakushi, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture + Electricity, Water Plumbing, LP Gas + Vacant/Fully renovated

‘NINJA-HOUSE’ is traditional Japanese houses located in what was formerly Togakushi village, famous for its “soba” or Japanese buckwheat noodles. The surface area of land is 282 tsubo (209 tsubo= residential land + adjoining 72 tsubo). Under city registers the land is catagorized as waste land. Thus, anyone can perform an ownership transfer as though it […]

Ena Kasagi-cho, (ENA-KASAGI)

10,000,000 yen

(Approx 85,840)

Ena, Gifu Prefecture Kasagichokawai 1453-1 + Storehouse, there is a field. Water, electricity, propane gas. + Vacant/Handover immediately

Ena is the oldest post town of the Nakasendo, the Oi inn still has the vestiges of its history. In 46th post station of Nakasendo, there was a bustle in Mino’s premier. The remaining buildings that leave the remnants, Masugata also seen that road bends at a right angle to prevent enemy invasion. Honjin marks […]