Ena Kasagi-cho, (ENA-KASAGI)

Ena is the oldest post town of the Nakasendo, the Oi inn still has the vestiges of its history.

In 46th post station of Nakasendo, there was a bustle in Mino’s premier. The remaining buildings that leave the remnants, Masugata also seen that road bends at a right angle to prevent enemy invasion. Honjin marks and Nakasendo Hishiya museum, there are attractions such as Iwai what became the accommodation office at the Emperor Meiji cruise.

In addition, it’s also famous as scenic spots such as Enakyo and Kasagi Gorges, it is famous as the first place that hydroelectric power plant was made in Japan.

Thanks to the efforts of Fukuzawa Momokai, who is said to be the king power, by 1924 (Taisho 13) gravity dam in height of 53m, which was finished in the year, the dam lake became the attraction that is called Enakyo.

As beautiful terraced landscape “Sakaori rice terraces”

Continued over 80 or more stages on the slopes at an altitude of 410m ~ 610m. The number of small fields has a large 360 sheet and scale. Reclamation from the early Edo period, it became like a current in the early Meiji era.

The bottom half of the stone face. flowing down a slope to the middle of the watermill on the river are restored. The Hillside terraces, prefectural roads are as follows, and it’s set aside in a gazebo observatory is well developed. Rice Terraces close-up views of the surrounding landscape. Japan’s 100 rice terraces.

Town of Akechi, the building of the Taisho era are scattered.

Akechi which is located in the Ena southern town that has flourished in yarn-making industry over the Taisho era from the end of the Meiji, leaving many buildings of the Taisho era. Therefore, Japan Taisho Village was born to the established town itself for tourism in 1984.

Using the cocoon storehouse of old banks and Japan Taisho Village Museum, attractions such as Taisho alley lined elephants of black-and-white contrast is brilliant kimono wholesaler, Taisho village office, Taisho village museum, the Taisho era Museum, Taisho Roman Museum are scattered.

Iwamura, which is flourished as the center of the Tono region in the Edo era. Old town has lasted for about 1.3km in the direction from the Myochi railway and Iwamura Station to Iwamura Castle.

Its about 1/4 building of the Edo era. Conservation district of traditional buildings of the country.

Kimura’s house and the Tosa’s shop, there is a home, such as Katsukawa house, some part will be in the house where you can take a tour.

Location Ena, Gifu Prefecture Kasagichokawai 1453-1
Property Price 10,000,000 yen
(Approx 85,840)
Building Date Property age is unknown(Estimated over 100 years)
Building Structure Wooden tile-roofing two-story
Transportation 13 minutes by car from the central high speed motorway Ena IC. About 14 minutes by car from JR Chuo Line Takenami Station.
Land Area Public book 675.76 square meters ownership 100%
Floor Area 309.50 square meters
Size 9K over
Adjoining Street
Land Use District Not Specified (the outside of city plans area)
Public Utility Storehouse, there is a field. Water, electricity, propane gas.
Current Situation / Handover Vacant/Handover immediately
Land Category Residential land
Land Tenure Title
Building Coverage Ratio / Floor Area Ratio Not Specified (the outside of city plans area)
Geographical Features Flatland
City Planning Act The outside of city plans area
Notification according to National Land Utilization Law Not Required
Transaction Terms

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Sales Representative Shibuya
Information Updated January 6, 2017

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